Friday, September 7, 2012

Professional Pictures of the kids

I know it’s hard to believe that I am actually posting on my blog. It has been way too long, but I’m telling myself I have to start somewhere and I’ll try and be better!

Heidi Graves took these pictures of the kids back in April. We met at the horseshoe at Carolina and I think they all turned out great.


Charlie was his normal, non stop self making it kinda difficult to get pictures, but thankfully those girls know just how to bribe handle him!


Love this sweet one of the girls_DSC7185


And this was the first attempt at getting a picture of them walking. (Doesn’t Sallie look thrilled?)_DSC7217

Only took two shots and I love this one! One of my favorites!



Sallie was such a ham the whole time, so smiley and really didn’t have a bad shot of her! 2012-06-264

Me and my munchkins! Definitely a favorite!

_DSC7303They were so excited when she brought the bunny out. Charlie just wanted to squeeze it the whole time and the girls just kept getting so irritated. Poor bunny.







Usually getting professional pictures leaves me stressed and frustrated, but I knew these would be good and I was not disappointed. I’ll try and post again before the next set of professional pictures!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moving isn’t easy…or fun!

I am so embarrassed that I haven’t blogged since December. Just to give you a little update, we have since moved and it was crazy. I just never felt like I was caught up on anything, hence the reason blogging got put on the backburner. Now I’m ready to try and catch up so if you’re seeing post from December, you’ll know why. Of course if you don’t “follow” my blog you won’t know there is a new post, you’ll just have to scroll down.  Here goes…Smile

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas with the Bowers family

Every year we have Christmas with the Bowers side which is my Granny’s side of the family. We do it at her church and have lunch and then Santa makes an appearance. I always take a whole bunch of pictures and because of my lack of time and desire to catch up on my blogging, I am posting the pictures without much explanation. Most of them are the kids playing. Santa came and both Hannah and Sallie loved him and Charlie was terrified, as expected. It was cute and we had to torture him for a minute to get a picture. Then we all headed to my Dad’s house for Christmas with him and his kids and their spouses. We had a great time as always! We got a great family picture of everyone that ended up being a framer.



I love Christmas and all the family time that comes with it. Thankfully, both of our families live very close so get-togethers on holidays are pretty easy. We enjoyed the day and were on to my Mom and Freddie’s for Christmas with them in a couple of days.